Lab Services

We Examine the Cause – Inside and Out

One of the best laboratory facilities on the Gulf Coast, Forensic Investigations Group has the proper equipment to ensure thorough analysis. We conduct evidence analysis in our dedicated facility. Utilizing our own laboratory allows us to have a firm hand in who inspects evidence and how it is analyzed. All evidence secured from our investigation is processed through our facility and handled with care. Items are assessed and recommendations can be made for further investigation. Evidence is stored in a climate controlled environment under 24-hour surveillance, protecting it from tampering or further damage.

Our lab is air-conditioned and large enough to accommodate multiple party examinations.  We offer a private meeting room with WiFi, and videography of laboratory testing is available upon request.

OUR Laboratory services include

Product Testing

Failure or misoperation can result in catastrophic fires or explosions. Our laboratory can put products and parts to the test to ensure proper function.

Failure Analysis

When things go wrong, our team wants to know why. Often, it’s due to an accident; sometimes, it’s due to negligence or criminal intent. Our team can determine why events occurred and provide detailed reports.

Microscopic Surveys

The smallest details sometimes make the largest difference. Our professionals are trained to spot issues that may indicate further problems.


It’s what’s inside that can make a true difference. Examining the inner workings of evidence provides our professionals the information they need to provide evidence of the origin of fire and explosions.

Research Burns

The experts at Forensic Investigations Group utilize research burning, ranging in scope from bench-scale testing to full-scale recreation of the fire event to evaluate fire behavior and fire effects.