Vehicle Fire Investigation

Vehicle Fires

When vehicle parts malfunction and cause fires and even explosions, the result can be loss of property – or even loss of life. Our team of fire and explosion experts can find the root cause of vehicle fires. Whether it’s due to mechanical failure, electric failure, negligence or arson, the results are the same – extensive damage and possible bodily harm or death. Vehicle fires may occur after car accidents, and the fire may not necessarily be caused by the accident; it is important not to assume that the accident itself caused the fire.

That’s where we come in.

Our experts examine the vehicle for evidence, protect our findings and report them to our clients, judges and juries. It is our goal to explain what happened, what caused the fire and help get to the bottom of what or who is at fault.

Automobile Mechanic

When conducting vehicle and heavy equipment examinations, the ability to accurately evaluate system components and identify problems is key to a successful investigation. At Forensic Investigations Group, our team includes a certified auto mechanic who has the knowledge necessary to evaluate vehicle and heavy equipment system components and troubleshoot automotive problems. Contact our subject matter expert:

Greg Jackson