December 27, 2018

40 Hour Fundamentals Class in Baton Rouge

The IAAI is putting on a 40 hour fundamentals course on fire investigation. This course is taking place January 7-11th in Baton Rouge. The course is designed to provide the new fire investigator with the prerequisite knowledge necessary to properly determine the origin and cause of a fire and to refresh the experienced fire investigator with his/her current knowledge base as it relates to the scientific investigation of a fire scene. Also, this course provides the basis for the IAAI Fire Investigation Technician certification. Our fellow employees Casandra Jones, Chloe Jones,Glenn Gassenberger and Tovah Graham plan to attend this course in order to obtain their FIT certifications. Also, our own Richard Jones, Dan Hebert, Jerome Duet and Richard Jones III will be instructors for this course. We are excited to be taking part in an important learning experience and wish our employees taking their FIT certification the best of luck!