July 13, 2018

Rick Jones of FIG is to be featured as the forensic expert in an upcoming episode of Reasonable Doubt on Investigation Discovery.

In January 2018, Forensic Investigations Group was contacted by the Executive Producers for the program Reasonable Doubt with a request to review the file in the case of State of Georgia v. Scott Davis. A review of the case revealed that in 1996, Scott Davis was arrested and charged with murdering his estranged wife’s boyfriend, David Coffin, and setting his home in Buckhead on fire. Additionally, a red Porsche, owned by David Coffin, was stolen and found burning; however, Scott Davis was at his place of business miles away when the vehicle was discovered on fire. Police dropped the charges for lack of evidence, but re-arrested Davis nine years later after the cold case was re-examined. In 2006, Scott Davis was tried and convicted and currently remains in prison. Along with the request to review the file materials, a request was received to evaluate the theories regarding the fires and re-create the fire within the Porsche. 

In February 2018, travel was made to Georgia, where the crime occurred, and Rick met with Chris Anderson, the host of Reasonable Doubt to discuss his hypotheses regarding the fires and conduct burn testing of a vehicle. Stay tuned for the release date!