May 23, 2018

Congratulations to Members of the Forensic Investigations Group team on their IAAI Certifications including Certified Fire Investigator and Evidence Collection Technician

At the Forensic Investigations Group, we continually emphasize the importance of training and education to our team members. In 1986, the IAAI addressed a national concern by developing the Certified Fire Investigator (IAAI-CFI®) program. The IAAI-CFI® qualification is a standardized evaluation of a fire investigator’s training and expertise. Investigators applying for IAAI-CFI® certification must complete an extensive application requiring documentation, earn sufficient points for their achievements in education, training, and experience, and pass a comprehensive examination. Rick Jones, III has successfully taken his examination and is proud to announce successful completion of his IAAI-CFI® certification.

The Evidence Collection Technician Program verifies an applicant’s fundamental knowledge as measured against core job performance requirements of established professional qualifications standards and standard industry practices related to evidence collection on fire scenes. This measurement is not all inclusive of the incorporated professional standards cited but lays the foundation for measuring the holder’s fundamental ability to perform specific evidence collection tasks related to fire scene investigation at an acceptable level as measured against published acceptable practices. Chloe Sicignano and Greg Jackson have both successfully completed the Evidence Collection Technician certification program which was facilitated at the IAAI ITC in Frisco, TX.

 We want to wish Rick, Greg, and Chloe congratulations on their certifications!